Aesthetic procedures

There are many reasons for surgical procedures in the maxillofacial area. We offer bespoke solutions that give the best possible results.

Chin wing profile improvementCheekbonesWrinkle treatments

Especially in concerns regarding facial esthetics, wich is often only regarded as the domain of plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery is able to provide valuable contributions and unique solutions when it comes to correcting the chin and jaw line, to improving the entire profile or to enhancing the cheekbones. And all this just using one’s own tissue, avoiding the use of implants or other foreign bodies bearing the risk of adverse reactions, fibrosis and even rejection. The results can be completed by the use of minimally invasive ancillary procedures for wrinkle treatment such as botox (botulinum toxin BTX) or dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid).

Chin wing profile improvement (profile aesthetics)

With this osteotomy, which so far is offered at only a handful of centres world-wide, we offer the possibility at relatively little effort of achieving a significant improvement of the profile and harmonisation of the facial proportions – enhancement of this type used to be possible only with complex and expensive operations. The impressive possibilities of this procedure have been introduced to an expert audience in a number of conference presentations and publications, enabling our treatment planning around this valuable tool to be expanded and supplemented, and it is now an indispensable part of our standard repertoire. Both a receding and a protruding chin, or asymmetric formation, can be attractively transformed into a natural-looking result, without the need to resort to implants or extraneous materials and leaving no visible scars on the face.



In the case of insufficient projection, or where cheekbones are asymmetrically shaped, using an appropriate osteotomy the cheekbones can be naturally and permanently accentuated – also without the use of extraneous materials or implants. Here too, access is gained via the oral vestibule, and the procedure leaves no visible facial scarring whatsoever.

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Wrinkle treatment

Using Botulinum toxin A, expression-related wrinkles such as frown lines and ‘crow’s feet’ can be effectively treated and smoothed. In addition, hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to restore lost volume and aid the skin in maintaining its elasticity and resilience.

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