Allow me to introduce myself. Dr. Dr. Daniel Brusco

Owing to the wide-ranging training I’ve undertaken since completing my studies in human medicine and dentistry, as a maxillofacial surgeon I can guarantee the vital overview of the possible diagnoses, and offer the full range of possible therapies. In doing so, experience and a feeling for the individuality of each face play a crucial role, as does giving every case my one hundred per cent attention. 

About me
Professional activities
Training courses and certification

About me

Often, it’s specific events that spark an inexplicable fascination. It was the same for me. Because of a personal experience in my close circle, I had my first contact with maxillofacial surgery in my youth. What was made possible by this surgery sparked in me a fascination that still has a hold over me now, and motivates me every single day.

After completing my studies in human medicine and dentistry at the University of Zurich, I continued my basic surgical training and technical specialisation at various posts in Switzerland and abroad. Always with the same goal: to turn my original fascination into reality. It was clear to me that I would only be able to offer my patients the best possible, personalised solution with sound expertise, a creative passion for shape, and honest empathy. And I am committed to finding this solution. I spend time on it.

But I also spend time with my family. Because as a father of two, I know how precious that is. So I enjoy a convivial gathering around the table just as much as a bicycle ride in the summer, or a day’s skiing in the winter.

Professional activities

Opening of the own new practice for aesthetic maxillofacial surgery within the Haus zur Pyramide

Work in own practice in partnership with Dr. Albino Triaca, Centre for Maxillofacial Surgery, Pyramid Clinic at the Lake (Klinik Pyramide am See)

Senior physician, Centre for Maxillofacial Surgery, Pyramid Clinic at the Lake, Zurich, Dr. A. Triaca

Resident, oromaxillofacial clinic, J. Wesling Klinikum, Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, PD Dr. W. Engelke

Regular operating assistant in various traumatology surgery practices. Regular locum work in various general and internal medicine practices. Various residencies in maxillary surgery, and reconstructive and plastic surgery practices

Surgery Clinic Resident, Kantonsspital (Cantonal Hospital) Winterthur, Zurich, Prof. M. Decurtins

Surgery Clinic Resident, Regionalspital (Regional Hospital) Lachen, Schwyz, PD Dr. K. B. Brülhart

Training courses and certification

DGBT (German Society for Aesthetic Botulinum Toxin Therapy) training course and certification for wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid and fillers

DGMKG (German Society of Oromaxillofacial Surgery) and DGSM (German Sleep Society) training course and certification for sleep medicine in oromaxillofacial surgery

DGBT (German Society for Aesthetic Botulinum Toxin Therapy) training course and certification for wrinkle treatment with Botulinum toxin A. Training course and certification for Wilckodontics®, Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics

BAG (Swiss Federal Office of Public Health) accreditation as a specialist in oromaxillofacial surgery

AEKWL (Ärztekammer Westfalen-Lippe, Germany), specialist in oromaxillofacial surgery

Conferral of a doctorate in dental surgery, University of Zurich

License to practise as a doctor/dentist, Germany

Second degree: Dentistry, Centre for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine, University of Zurich

Examination for general surgery Part 1, Union der chirurgischen Fachgesellschaften, Bern

Conferral of a doctorate in medicine, University of Zurich

First degree: Human medicine, Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich

Christ-König Kollegium Nuolen classical secondary school, 8855 Wangen, Schwyz; 1991, type A ‘Matura’ (qualification for university entrance) (Ancient Greek and Latin)

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Dr. Dr. Daniel Brusco
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