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The field of oral surgery (dental surgery) includes the removal of wisdomteeth, the exposure of impacted canines, the diagnostic and treatment of suspect alterations of the intraoral mucosa or bone such as cysts or neoplasm. It comprises also jaw augmentations before placing dental implants or corticotomy procedures to accelerate and facilitate orthodontic treatment (Wilckodontics).


With a relatively minor procedure in the area of the tooth-bearing portion of the jaw, orthodontic tooth movements can be facilitated and the treatment time accelerated. www.wilckodontics.com

Jaw augmentation

Where bone quantity is insufficient for the provision of dental implants, the jaw can be augmented by removal and transplantation of autologous bone, in combination with bone substitutes if necessary.

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Wisdom teeth

The removal of wisdom teeth is the most common oral surgery procedure. Either the teeth have no room to break through easily, or the direction of their growth endangers the roots of adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth can also negatively affect the result of a completed procedure to correct tooth position, or can even be displaced in such a way that they cause health problems.

In a minor procedure that we perform without difficulty under local anaesthetic, the wisdom teeth are removed quickly and gently. At the patient’s request, of course, we also offer a quick same-day treatment under general anaesthetic.

Impacted canines

If teeth fail to erupt spontaneously due to lack of space or an axial anomaly, there is a risk that they will remain in the jawbone and lead to misaligned teeth. In this case, the teeth need to be surgically exposed and provided with an orthodontic button. Using a wire retainer and dental brace, the teeth are moved into the correct position.

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