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At our practice, we combine the highest level of specialist expertise with empathetic and responsible advice.

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Our goal is to combine the best possible functional result with the best possible aesthetics, and in doing so to preserve the individual naturalness of each face. To do this, we combine innovative concepts with proven techniques that provide good results, reliably and predictably.

We’re delighted to be able to accompany you on this shared journey, and see ourselves as your direct point of contact for all your questions.

We are the first choice in Zurich for dysgnathia and maxillofacial surgery, offering an individual and personal ambience for people who demand excellence in service provision, quality and service.


Step inside. And relax: at our practice, a warm, friendly and inviting ambience awaits you.

Our reception areas and consulting rooms offer you the desired comfort, the technical equipment and the necessary privacy to obtain comprehensive information and advice in quiet surroundings. Our examination and treatment rooms meanwhile are fitted out in line with the latest guidelines, to implement efficient procedures and modern concepts. The clinic’s own operating theatre is approved by the FMH Swiss Medical Association and TARMED Suisse as a practice operating facility, and has sufficient space to perform same-day procedures, including under general anaesthetic. A competent anaesthesia team ensures the best possible care and the highest level of safety during the procedure and in the recovery phase. Our comfortable patient rooms offer you the chance to relax in total peace, before you can be discharged after a brief stay.

More complex same-day procedures are carried out right here in-house in the day clinic on the ground floor, where two state-of-the-art operating theatres with associated preparation rooms and monitoring areas are available. For inpatient procedures with overnight stay, we have access to the established, spacious and comfortable infrastructure of the adjacent Pyramid Clinic at the Lake. This gives you access to one of Switzerland’s most prestigious and exclusive private clinics, whose name is a guarantee of medical services of the highest quality, coupled with individual care and personal service.


Our team extends a very warm welcome and guarantees you will receive comprehensive care, along with interdisciplinary treatment of the highest calibre.

Charlotte Andersen

As a doctor, Charlotte Andersen is responsible for assisting in the operating theatre, and for post-operative care and monitoring during the recovery phase. In doing so, she works closely with the members of the anaesthesia team. Charlotte Andersen is married and has a daughter.

Carmen Brusco

Carmen Brusco is responsible for the office and keeping the practice’s accounts in order. She is an indispensable help in organising and coordinating appointments and in external communications. As the name might already suggest, she is married to Dr. Daniel Brusco and has two children.

Dr. Daniel Brusco

Dr. Daniel Brusco is the founder and owner of the practice. As a specialist in oromaxillofacial surgery, he is responsible for all medical matters throughout the entire treatment process. He is married to Carmen Brusco and has two children.

Jasmina Mlinarevic

As a dental assistant, Jasmina Mlinarevic has primary responsibility for all procedures in the practice: 3D x-ray imaging, support and assistance during consultations, and the instruments used during surgical procedures. She is also responsible for the preparation and sterilisation of materials, and for ordering and stock management. Jasmina Mlinarevic is married and has a son.

Ivana Curic

As a dental assistant Ivana Curic is jointly responsible for all procedures in the practice and the operating room. As an experienced teacher in the school for dental assistants in Zürich she is also in charge of our quality management. Ivana Curic is married and has a son.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s what we are committed to at all times – guaranteeing excellence in the small things as well as the big things.

Technical equipment

Our practice is fully digitised, so all data throughout your entire treatment process are documented on the computer and available at a moment’s notice. That applies both for your full clinical records, and for image material, x-rays, reports and sterilisation protocols. This facilitates communication with other professionals involved in your treatment, and ensures speedy and unimpeded access to the necessary information.

With the PaX-i3D Green, we have a 3D x-ray machine of the latest generation available, delivering high-resolution images in just 5.9 seconds and with the greatest possible reduction of the radiation dose. This means even the finest structures in the jaw and teeth are shown, which in turn means, for you, maximum diagnostic reliability and the best possible risk reduction for surgical procedures.


Likewise, the Cliniklave 45 is part of the latest generation of sterilising equipment, allowing the professional, efficient and absolutely reliable preparation of all instruments used in the practice. We comply with all standards for validation, approval and documentation of sterilisation processes, as required by Swissmedic pursuant to SN EN ISO 17665-1. For you, that means the guaranteed traceability of every sterilisation batch, for maximum safety in each individual treatment.


We source all instruments and treatment materials used in the practice from world-leading manufacturers of quality products for dental, medical and operating needs. We are committed to quality in our treatments, and for that reason we rely also in the selection of our work equipment on the long experience of these companies.
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