Our team

for your well-being

Medical excellence can only be achieved as a team and would be inconceivable without the invaluable support of my assistants.

Their tireless commitment and dedication to providing the best possible treatment for our patients without compromise are vital to the running of our private practice.

They are the first point of contact for communication and organisation. They assist with treatments and operations and ensure a smooth process in front of and behind the scenes, not to mention the necessary continuity throughout the entire treatment pathway.

For years, I have had the privilege of working hand in hand with them, so that they are at the forefront of our practice philosophy on a day-to-day basis and play a major role in ensuring that your treatment experience meets your justifiably high expectations.

The team

Dr. Dr. Daniel Brusco

Dr. Dr. Daniel Brusco is the founder and owner of the practice.

As a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery he is responsible for all medical matters throughout the entire treatment process.

He is married to Carmen Brusco and has two children.

Carmen Brusco

Carmen Brusco is responsible for the secretarial, accounting and bookkeeping work of the practice.

She plays an indispensable role by organising and coordinating appointments, and by handling external communication.

As her name suggests, she is married to Dr Daniel Brusco. The couple have two children.

Jasmina Mlinarevic

As a dental assistant, Jasmina Mlinarevic has primary responsibility for all procedures in the practice: 3D X-ray imaging, support and assistance during consultations, and the instruments used during surgical procedures.

She is also responsible for the preparation and sterilisation of materials, and for ordering and stock management.

Jasmina Mlinarevic is married and has a son.

Ivana Curic

As a dental assistant, Ivana Curic is jointly responsible for the smooth running of the practice and the operating theatre.

As an experienced trainer and specialist teacher at the School for Dental Assistants Zurich, she is also responsible for quality management at the practice.

Ms Curic is married and the mother of two children.