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In terms of facial aesthetics, which are often thought to be the sole preserve of plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery can make a real improvement and offer unique options when it comes to profile enhancement, chin correction, or the accentuation of the jawline or cheekbones.

If desired, this can be achieved using exclusively your own tissue, eschewing the use of foreign bodies or silicone implants, which run the risk of causing reactions, capsule formation or rejection.

You can also combine surgery with minimally invasive procedures for wrinkle treatment such as injectable substances, hyaluronic acid fillers or skin boosters.

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Chin Wing profile optimisations (profile aesthetics)

With this osteotomy, which is currently only offered at a few centres worldwide, we offer the possibility of achieving an impressive improvement of the profile and a harmonisation of the facial proportions with relatively modest effort, as was previously only possible with large and costly operations.

In various congress presentations and publications, the impressive possibilities of this procedure could be presented to an expert audience, so that our treatment planning could be expanded and supplemented by this valuable tool and meanwhile it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without it.

A receding chin, a protruding chin or an asymmetry can be transformed into a natural-looking result in an appealing way, without having to resort to implants or foreign materials and without creating any visible scars on the face.

Natural accentuation


If the projection is insufficient or if the cheekbones are asymmetrical, they can be accentuated and emphasised in a natural and permanent way with the help of a suitable operation (zygomatic osteotomy), again without the use of foreign materials or implants.

Here too, access is via the oral vestibule and does not leave any visible scars on the face.


Wrinkle treatments

With the use of injectable substances, mimic wrinkles such as “frown lines” or “crow’s feet” can be specifically treated and smoothed.

With the help of hyaluronic acid fillers and skin boosters, lost volume can also be regained and the skin can be supported in maintaining its elasticity and resilience.

Improvement of the skin quality
Harmonious facial proportions

V-Line Surgery

V-line surgery refers to the targeted reduction of the jaw angles and – if desired – the entire lower jaw margin, which leads to a finer and more feminine appearance of the face.

While this measure is particularly popular in Asia, where it is taken to the max, a more discreet version is also popular in this country, and can take jaw from a broad and angular starting position to markedly softer and more feminine contours.

Patient testimonial

I can highly recommend Dr Brusco’s practice. He and his friendly team make the treatment as pleasant as possible. Of course, I had some concerns before my big procedure. However, thanks to Dr Brusco’s professional and friendly manner, we were able to clear up all remaining concerns. Thanks to his exceptional expertise, before the operation I knew exactly what would be done, why and what results would be achieved. Moreover, the procedure was a complete success, better than I could have wished for. Not that I would want to have such an operation again, but if I did, it would definitely be with Dr Brusco.
Severin M.

Frequently asked questions

The genioplasty only includes and affects the chin, so it is a step down from chin wing osteotomy, which allows the repositioning and accentuation of the entire lower jaw margin (jawline) from the chin to the jaw angle.

Combined operations, e.g. osteotomy of the zygomatic bone and mandible, are certainly possible and make sense, but you should always consider the overall expense and think about whether you want the operation to be performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis.

As we are absolutely committed to safety, we only use high-quality and fully absorbable hyaluronic-based substances in various combinations, all from internationally renowned manufacturers. We would never use cheap imitation preparations or those with non-absorbable components.